Super fun wash with lots of foam. A super foaming automotive shampoo that does not damage or weaken any type of wax or coating, making it ideal for maintenance washes. The thick foam lifts dirt and removes it effectively.


Compatible With Everything

OVERcoat Neutral pH is a versatile product with a wide range of applications. You can dilute it and use it in buckets, spray bottles, high-pressure pump sprayers, foam guns, and more. Even stubborn stains can be removed with the undiluted solution.

How To Use

Contact Wash

STEP 1 Add 30ml of OVERcoat Neutral pH to a 10L bucket of water and lather with a hose.

STEP 2 Rinse your vehicle, then dip a sponge or mitt of your choice into the bucket and apply it to the surface.

STEP 3 Rinse your car thoroughly and dry it with a microfiber towel.

Straight (Strong Wash)

STEP 1 Be sure to wash a small section of your vehicle when using this method. Rinse the surface, then apply OVERcoat Neutral pH with an applicator, sponge, or mitt of your choice.

STEP 2 Aim the stubborn stains and rub gently.

STEP 3 Immediately rinse the area thoroughly and dry with a microfiber towel.

OVERcoat Neutral pH

OVERcoat Neutral pH
pH Neutral Car Shampoo

・Content: 500ml (16.9oz)

・Dilution Ratio: 30ml (1oz) : 10L (2.64gal) of water*

・Usage: 16x*

・Accessories: Push-Pull Cap, Measuring Cup

*Dilution and usage can vary.


Shipping & Tax Included



It can be diluted in sprays, pump sprays and foam guns.

Dilution Ratio:Bucket: 1~2oz to 2.64gal of water
Spray: 1oz to 33.8oz of water
Pump Spray: 1oz to 33.8oz of water
Foam Gun: 1oz to 33.8oz of water



Do not drink. If ingested, do not induce vomiting. If the liquid gets into your eyes, rinse immediately with water. Seek medical attention if any abnormalities occur. Store out of the reach of children in a cool, dark place. The product may undergo discoloration, but this does not affect its effectiveness. Effects may vary depending on the surface. When using the undiluted solution, apply by small sections rather than the entire surface and wash it off immediately. Avoid leaving the liquid on the surface for extended periods of time. Do not use on deteriorated clear coatings, glass, wheels(cracks, scratches), or peeling paint. Do not use in direct sunlight, windy days or on a hot vehicle surface. To prevent stains and water spots, ensure that the water does not dry naturally after washing. Individuals with sensitive skin should wear protective gloves before use. Wash your hands thoroughly after use. The product is biodegradable. OVERCOAT JAPAN is not responsible for any injuries caused by incorrect and improper use of the product. Read this carefully before using this product. Composition: Water, sulfonic acid, sodium chloride, surfactants, dyes, fragrances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is a maintenance car wash?

A. Maintenance washing is done only with neutral shampoo. After washing the vehicle once with pH alkaline and pH acid shampoos, applying a wax or a ceramic coating, the next washes can only be done with neutral pH shampoo, to keep the car shiny and always clean.

Q. Can I apply it to a previously coated car?

A. Certainly. As it is neutral, it does not damage or weaken any type of wax or coating.

Q. What are the advantages of a shampoo that lathers a lot?

A. Thanks to the foam and lubricant, it can remove dirt and prevent scratches when washing your car.

Q. How often do I need to wash my car?

A. It depends on factors such as the environment and how often the vehicle is used, but as a guideline, wash once every two weeks.

Q. What kind of surfaces can it be used on?

A. Bodywork, glass, windows, tires, wheels, fender liners, rubber, plastics.

Q. When should I use the push-pull cap?

A. Soon after opening the product, throw the original cap and replace it for the push-pull cap.

Q. Where should it be stored?

A. In a cool and dark place, out of the reach of children.

Q. Does discoloration occur?

A. The product may undergo discoloration, but this does not affect its effectiveness.

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